Selasa, 10 Maret 2015

Wavin: Connect to Better solutions whatever your need.

Wavin, the leading provider of plastic pipe systems and solutions launches new branding concept: Connect to Better.

As one of the longest established names in this competitive and demanding market, Wavin built its reputation on 60 years of high quality and innovation. To underline everything that Wavin can offer for your above and below ground projects, we have developed a new branding concept: Connect to Better. Whatever your project or challenge, we connect you to better technologies, partnerships and solutions.

Wavin connects you to better:

  • Innovation – We are leading in our industry, creating high-quality and ground-breaking plastic pipe systems and water management solutions. Wavin’s innovation portfolio includes the world’s first large diameter PVC pressure pipe in 1955, the first stormwater infiltration unit in 1997 and the world’s first high performance PPr system for hot and cold water supply in 2013.
  • Performance – Our systems offer long-term durability together with faster installation
  • Partnership – Our people and intelligence network help you solve complex challenges
  • Service – We are dedicated to make doing business with us easier and more flexible
  • Cost-effectiveness – Together we will find the best solution, whatever your need.

Connect to Better means clear benefits to our customers. Wavin is a single point of contact for above and below ground requirements.

Join. Unite. Connect to Better. Watch our video below!

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