Selasa, 16 Mei 2017

Cheers you did it!

Congratulations to all 8.500+ runners who participated in the Scania Half Marathon or the Wavin 4 English Miles (4EM) on June 10th in Zwolle. An achievement to be proud of!

Get an impression of the event via our Facebook photo collection.

Zwolle, local and international

For Wavin, it’s special to be a sponsor and participant of this huge running event in Zwolle again this year. The ideas for the Wavin products were founded in Zwolle and taken into production in Hardenberg, 61 years ago. Nowadays, Wavin is an international company, present in over 20 countries and part of Mexichem, one of the biggest producers of plastic pipes and connections worldwide and one of the largest chemical and petrochemical companies in Latin America. We are happy to see that so many people are participating in this run from all countries, like Kenia, that was present with a lot of top runners. From Wavin, we had colleagues from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Turkey and Poland participating!

And this year, Wavin colleagues didn’t just run, we ran with our heart! For each runner, Wavin will donate 500 euro to UNICEF drinkwater projects. With 500 euros, UNICEF will be able to provide 68 children with access to clean drinking water for one year. Thanks to our 100 runners, we will donate € 50 000 euros to UNICEF! Our donation will have an impact on the lives of many children. UNICEF and Wavin share the same values – all linked to improving the quality of life through access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation.

Recap video of Wavin 4 English miles run during Zwolse Halve Marathon festival 2017

The importance of clean drinking water

Worldwide, there is still a big need for clean drinking water. Wavin’s objective is to be a 'frontrunner' in the challenge to provide clean drinking water all over the world. With that mission in mind, we are doing this in Zwolle as well – by being the ‘water supplier’ during this big running event. To congratulate the runners and be present as a sponsor of the Wavin 4 English Miles, all runners received a water bottle from Wavin, to refresh immediately after the finish. Wavin also takes part in this worldwide water challenge by taking care of the highest quality of water transport and water management systems, produced from durable plastics.

Keep running!

So this event brings multiple nationalities together, to set a performance we all can be proud of, show the importance of drinking water and enjoy a great festival together. On the website of this event you can find a list of additional related running events that you can participate in.

We hope you keep running and see you next year again! We keep the water running!

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