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Wroclaw Football Stadium – the city landmark

The new Wroclaw Football Stadium opened in September 2011, ready for its key role as one of four Polish match venues for the Euro 2012 football championships. This architecturally stunning and environmentally innovative stadium is a showcase for Wroclaw, and the city’s most significant civic construction for over sixty years.

With a covered area of over four hectares on a sixteen hectare site, the stadium seats 43,000 fans. Known as “The Lantern’, its exterior is made of glass fibre which allows it to be 'painted' with light to match the event.

Wavin systems are used throughout the stadium, both above and below ground. They include polyethylene systems for all water management, Wavin X-Stream and septic tanks for sewers, SiTech low-noise soil and waste systems, Tigris K1 for hot and cold water supply and QuickStream siphonic roof drainage.

With Wavin as our chosen supplier, we worked well together under real time pressures.
Jerzy Zwiech , president Exprim Wroclaw

Wavin was actively involved from the start, in discussion and development meetings with architects and investors, and subsequently with contractors and subcontractors.

Jerzy Zwiech, president of Exprim Wroclaw, the installer on this high-profile project, appreciated being able to deal with Wavin as a single supplier. “Choosing Wavin products allowed us to install all the stadium’s sanitary systems efficiently and professionally. With Wavin as our chosen supplier, we worked well together under real time pressures. Wavin is a reliable partner and fully kept to the very tight delivery schedule, ensuring we met all time commitments."

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