Wavin Tigris K1 Speeds Up Singapore's Watercove Seafront Village – Project Update

In the first quarter of 2017, development work started for Singapore’s Watercove project, one of Singapore’s newest seafront living village. This major project was to be finished by 2018 and its contractors needed to find a solution that would help speed up development to meet its tight deadlines in the face of labour shortage.

Wavin’s Tigris K1 was the chosen solution as its press-fit technology allowed contractors to install the entire potable and heated water system 40% faster by doing away with welding joints and fusion in exchange for secure and reliable joint crimping even for huge pipe sizes such as 63mm and 75mm pipes.


The project is currently underway and plumbing work is slated to finish before 2018. The Tigris K1 system is proving a powerful and efficient tool thus far in this project. The multi-layer piping system for potable and heating water systems has given the contractors enough variety to use for the different waterways into the properties. With multiple sizes ranging from 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, and 50mm, contractors could maximize their system's flow using the best fit. 

It is made from high-quality polyphenyl sulphone and stainless steel sleeves for multi-connection joints and couplers, making it a durable and corrosion-resistant compared to copper & PPR piping.

Installation was made quick and easy as contractors only needed to simply cut the pipe, de-burr the edges for a smooth finish and slide in the fitting, using the hexagonal ring as a guide for a minimum-effort installation.

The entire piping system does not require any heating element to fuse the joints and connections together. It does away with welding equipment and maintains the working area's temperature, effectively reducing the risk of employee hazards. 

Tigris K1's efficient technology has greatly helped accelerate the development of the Watercove project and increased productivity to meet its tight deadline.



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