New World Saigon Hotel Makeover Guarantees Quiet Sleep With Wavin Sitech+

The New World Saigon Hotel is well known by many local and international guests as one of the best hotels in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. In order to provide improved services and facilities for its patrons and guests, the 533-room five-star hotel is undergoing renovation beginning in 2018. The hotel management plans to finish its makeover in the middle of 2019. 

The extensive renovation works includes the lobby and guest rooms and are being done in phases. Its aging waste water management system is part of this massive overhaul and they needed the right solution that is both durable and offers a peaceful night’s sleep to its guests. 

Wavin Sitech+ was the chosen solution for its low noise installation in its waste water drainage system. Directly in charge of plumbing supplies and working directly with the hotel management's contractors, Wavin's professional team were part of inspecting and developing an improved water system. 

 Wavin SiTech+ is our groundbreaking noiseless system that offers the world's next-gen solution to soil and wastewater noise. As SiTech+ is made from thicker, denser, yet a lightweight plastic than its predecessor, it reduces vibration and noise. 

In addition, Wavin has effectively reduced plumbing assembly time. The Wavin SiTech+ system requires minimal assembly equipment and processes such as coupling or cement. Its push-fit connection helps speed up the work of contractors and has helped meet project deadlines. 

 Wavin's advanced piping system includes acoustic-imaging tools. This allows engineers to visualize the signal path of noise the pipes emit. In turn, this allows them to install parts in noise-prone areas with additional options to provide further insulation to mask the pipe-emitted noise. 

With minimal vibration and accurate pre-installation acoustic imaging, New World Saigon Hotel's guests are guaranteed the best and most quiet sleep possible with Wavin SiTech+. 

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