A showcase for sustainable development

United Nations on the Copenhagen waterfront

The United Nations is bringing six separate agencies together in a stunning new waterfront site in Copenhagen. This new Danish UN City opened in 2013. It provides over 28.000m2 of offices for 1,200 UN staff members and a fully automated 40,000m3 high-bay warehouse to store goods for development and emergency projects around the world.

The UN wanted this development to reflect its own values and principles. It was to be a showcase in sustainable development. Obtaining the internationally recognised green building standard LEED was a condition from the start.

The Wavin QuickStream system was an early candidate for roof drainage and water management, and engineering consultants from Wavin worked closely in the design and planning phases to optimise the configuration.

The Wavin roof drainage system ensures that rainfall is managed as a valuable resource across the UN City site. It also simplifies construction, reducing the range and quantity of components required by around 50% compared to traditional systems.

Wavin provided hands-on guidance to our workforce ensuring efficient and error-free installation.
Jan Harlev , project manager, L & H Rørbyg A/S.
Project manager Jan Harlev of specialist contractor L & H Rørbyg A/S greatly appreciated the continuous cooperation which characterised Wavin’s involvement, “The Wavin team worked with us to prepare detailed and accurate project and implementation plans. They also provided hands-on guidance to our workforce ensuring efficient and error-free installation.”

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