Wavin QuickStream in China

Storm water management system for stadium in China uses Wavin QuickStream for best results

Beijing Urban Construction Engineering Company chose Wavin to supply them with the QuickStream Roof Siphonic Drainage System for the construction of the Guangzhou International Sports Arena in China due to Wavin’s prior experience with international stadiums in Frankfurt & Berlin. More importantly, it was selected for its excellent design and reliability - demonstrated by exemplary standards for withstanding extreme rainfall while continuing to offer a high degree of drainage efficiency and effectiveness.

Beijing Urban Construction Engineering Company was tasked with the development of the Guangzhou International Sports Arena that was meant to serve the Guangzhou and Pearl River Delta area. The third arena in China, it is designed and constructed according to NBA standards and this comprehensive 65,000m2 18,000-capacity stadium was built to cater for various sports and performing arts functions. Due to its importance, they needed a large, professional and reliable partner and Wavin fit the bill perfectly. The Guangzhou area is notorious for its extreme rainfall and in 2010, some areas saw rainfall intensity levels that are seen once every 300 years while others saw even more extreme rainfall levels seen only once every 500 years – both frequencies and intensities that are beyond imagination! This posed a major challenge when developing the Guangzhou International Sports Arena. Wavin was selected due to its abundant experiences in design, having worked on key international projects such as the Frankfurt Stadium and the Berlin Stadium and due to its expertise in storm water management systems for large industrial and commercial projects. Wavin’s Quickstream Roof Siphonic Drainage System is a key part of its storm water management systems, helping to drain away rainwater quickly and efficiently with its negative pressure system. In fact, it passes tests for managing severe and exceptional rainstorms – allowing the Beijing Urban Construction Engineering Company to continue with construction on a normal schedule through intense rain.

The 18,000m2 roof area of Guangzhou International Sports Arena is designed to handle rain intensity levels up to those seen once every 100 years. In 2010 however, it experienced rainfall 3x beyond its design limit – rainfall intensity seen only once every 300 years! Even in such an extreme situation, the siphonic roof drainage system offered a high degree of discharging water efficiently and effectively.

In my opinion, such outstanding performance is the result of the excellent design of the systems and the reliable quality of the products. In addition, Wavin delivers us good services with care. Throughout the whole process of design, installation, inspection and maintenance of the systems, Wavin offered us professional guidance and technical support. Wavin cares about how the systems run and always gives us immediate feedback to our request. We appreciated this greatly and hope to work with Wavin again.
Mr He , Project Manager, Beijing Urban Construction Engineering Company
Wavin also provides software for designing a rainwater management system. Contact Wavin to find out more!

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