Sydney Metro Northwest

First fully-automated metro rail system in Australia

Central Plumbing secured the NWRL Project in 2016.
Through long term relationships with the Managing Directors of Central Plumbing, Wavin NSW were successful in securing the supply of the Large Bore HDPE Component of the Rouse Hill Project (over our main competitor in NSW Giberit - Reece Plumbing Supplies).

The Project

The Sydney Metro Northwest project is the first fully-automated metro rail system in Australia and will deliver eight new railway stations, 4,000 commuter car parks and a new high frequency single deck train system to Sydney’s growing North West- a region with the highest car ownership levels per household in Australia. Trains will operate every four minutes in the peak with at least 15 trains an hour. This $1.15 billion Tunnel and Station Civil Works contract will see the construction of twin 15km tunnels between Bella Vista and Epping. These twin tunnels will be the longest rail tunnels ever built in Australia. 

Bella Vista: concrete beams installed
Concrete beams being lifted at Bella Vista Station

New twin tunnels will move more people in an hour than the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel combined.

Rouse Hill design- Street view


The Project Schedule was Fast Tracked as the NSW Government wanted the Project to be completed under budget & under time.
Therefore; the supply of the Wavin 250mm HDPE Pipe & Fabricated Fittings was critical in achieving the completion of Stage 1 of the Rouse Hill Project. (Rainwater/Storm-water Package)

How Wavin helped

Wavin NSW worked closely with the Central Plumbing Project Management Design Team, to organize Supply of the Large Bore HDPE as required, to achieve the new Fast Track Program/Schedule.

The Wavin PE Soil and Waste Systems were selected, due to Polyethylene being Highly Resistant to Chemicals, making this the ideal choice for the Industrial Environment at Rouse Hill.

Wavin NSW prefabricated the HDPE Soil and Waste Large Bore Fittings for Central Plumbing, to save Installation time on site & to reduce the risk of onsite Butt Welding in a dusty environment (Off-site jointing in clean conditions ensures the highest quality of joint every time. Prefabricated butt welding is particularly efficient when preparing short and complex sections).

Wavin NSW, with the assistance of Mike North & the Wavin Head Office Team in Victoria, also organized for the Wavin Moulded 250mm Expansion Couplings required for the Stainless Steel Downpipes on the Project, to be imported into Australia to meet the new Fast Track Schedule. To date, Wavin Australia has met all dates of supply.

It is worth noting, Wavin Aust & NSW have negotiated to supply the North West Rail Link Project (Central Plumbing) with the additional (Extras) Prefabricated HDPE Soil and Waste Large Bore Pipe & Fittings, above & beyond the Original Project Quote & Numbers/Volumes.
(Supply of the Extras will begin in Feb 2017).

Their results

Due to Wavin Aust & NSW organizing all the Prefabricated HDPE Soil and Waste Large Bore Fittings in full & on time, Central Plumbing were able to meet all Targets set by the New Fast Track Schedule by the Builder - John Holland

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