Improving water quality and safeguarding supply

19-kilometre-long Wavin PVC-O pipeline

The drinking water in Beilen in the province of Drenthe, the Netherlands, is not as soft as you would want. However the drinking water in Assen, slightly to the north, is wonderfully soft thanks to the water softening plant. To enable Beilen to benefit from the plant too, the water distribution company Waterleidingmaatschappij Drenthe (WMD) has invested in a new, 19-kilometre-long Wavin Apollo PVC-O potable water pipeline.

The potable water pipeline was installed on behalf of WMD. Wavin has a framework agreement with WMD and is currently the main supplier of the potable water pipelines. The quality and competitive price were once again the reasons why WMD chose Wavin. According to Petra Holzhaus, Distribution Manager at WMD, this project enabled WMD to kill two birds with one stone. "The drinking water produced in Beilen can now be mixed with softened drinking water from Assen, which means that softer water will flow from the taps in Beilen and the surrounding area. Not only is this good for residents - it also benefits other users, such as industry. Softer water requires less maintenance to appliances such as washing machines. In addition to improving the water quality, safeguarding the supply also is a main priority for WMD. The new pipeline links the production stations in Assen and Beilen, allowing supply to central Drenthe to be guaranteed, even in an emergency."

We are very impressed with the quality of the Wavin Apollo PVC-O pipes.
Petra Holzhaus , Distribution Manager at WMD

WMD was conscious in its decision to choose Wavin Apollo PVC-O potable water pipelines. "The quality of these pipes is even better than our conventional pipeline. The difference lies in the production process, as Apollo pipes are biaxially orientated PVC. This means that the pipes have a higher impact resistance, more resistant to crack growth and can withstand higher pressures and lower temperatures. Apollo pipes also weigh less." The 400-mm diameter was also a carefully considered decision. "We discussed 315 mm but ultimately chose a 400 mm pipe. In the long term, this will mean that reduced investments will be necessary at the production station in Beilen. The savings in energy costs, thanks to the lower friction in the large pipe diameter, is a bonus."

WMD purchased the pipes to allow for growth - capacity will not be fully utilized just yet, but may be in the future. Since the pipes last for at least fifty years, this is a sustainable choice.

With no fewer than 19 kilometres of drinking water transport pipes, this is a pretty large project. Wavin manufactures the pipes in 24-metre lengths and delivers these to the construction site. This is an exceptional load, and Wavin holds a special license for this type of delivery. The contractor uses lifting equipment with suction cups to place the pipes in the trenches. Wavin PE pipes (450 mm) provide a solution for locations where controlled drill holes need to be made, such as under motorways, nature reserves or buildings. According to Petra Holzhaus, everything has run very smoothly so far. "We can order our materials on demand from Wavin and it is neatly supplied in sections. An advantage of the long pipes is that we can make quick progress. However, it is sometimes a challenge to get them to the right place, for example in fields. We might take a slightly different approach next time. No matter what, we are very impressed with the quality of the Wavin Apollo PVC-O pipes."

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