Wavin licensees can take the very best of new pipe technologies to their local markets ahead of the competition. The new Wavin PVC-O BiAx technology is fast gaining an outstanding reputation in the fiercely competitive pressure pipe market.

What makes PVC-O BiAx pipe such a winner? In part it’s its vastly increased strength and toughness when compared with traditional PVC-U. It’s also about the performance gained as a result of exceptional ductile qualities. And all achieved for a very economic price compared to other materials, both plastic and traditional.

A winner worldwide

Since we launched our PVC-O pipes in 2000 they have rapidly gained in popularity as the product of choice for potable water pressure installations. We have already granted partner production licenses in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and across Latin-America and currently support more than 20 PVC-O BiAx extrusion lines worldwide.

If locally produced PVC-O has not yet appeared in your operating markets, why not seize the initiative now?

A secure future

We understand that every time you put a new product into production there are costs – in training, sometimes in plant, in supply chain development and marketing. Wavin will help you build the business case for becoming a licensed producer of PVC-O and support you in its implementation.

One thing we are sure about – and have the evidence to back us up – this technology will become the future product of choice wherever high-performance and resilience are priorities in potable water supply, irrigation and pressure sewer applications.

Innovation in manufacturing

Wavin has developed a unique and patented in-line process for PVC-O pipe production. With this process the pipe is oriented in both hoop and the axial directions. This is the world’s most successful PVC-O extrusion technology.

As a PVC-O licensee, you will manufacture in a continuous process, producing a pipe which significantly increases mechanical strength and material toughness.