Production technologies

Look back over the last 60 years of plastic pipe innovation, and many of the standout products have the Wavin name on them. Now, more than ever before, we recognize that innovation is the key to continuing and responsible success.

Wavin is keen to offer production licenses for individual product lines to its partners around the world. We believe our products are worthy of becoming industry standards, and our licensed partners have a critical role to play in this success.

Quality first

Wavin’s reputation rests on the consistent excellence of every product which carries our name. As a Wavin technology licensee you will be a member of a very exclusive club – we grant licenses only to partners in whom we have absolute confidence to meet our exacting production standards.

The market understands this commitment to quality – and if you choose to manufacture under license from Wavin, then your own profile and reputation will grow with ours.

Choice and opportunity

Many of our licensed partners start with a particular product line or opportunity – and build from there. The hottest products right now include our new PVC-O pressure pipe range.

We will share everything you need to manage the production, supply chain and distribution of your chosen Wavin product line to the highest quality standards.

Parts and partnership

Every pipe system uses a variety of associated components. If you enter into a product licensing agreement with Wavin, we will work together to ensure that you always have access to the full range of fittings and accessories required.

Local pipe production means you can eliminate the costly process of bulk shipping, while combining this with direct Wavin supply of specialist fittings. Whatever mix you choose, we will ensure that your customers get the materials they need, where and when they need them.