Factory design and engineering

Since Wavin was founded in 1955, it has led the way in plastic pipe innovation. For almost sixty years we have brought new ideas and inventions to market again and again. But this experience is not just about products. It’s also about production techniques, about sustainability and about developing the processes we need to ensure high quality products, a reliable supply chain and a safe and profitable business.

Wavin’s licensing activity gives like-minded companies direct access to the benefits of this matchless market experience.

Shared excellence

Wavin has licensed some 35 pipe production and distribution facilities around the world. Every one of these facilities operates to the highest levels of efficiency, safety and sustainability. The quality of your factory design and operations has a direct impact on both the quality of product and on your overall business profitability.

By becoming a Wavin licensee, you gain a springboard to immediate excellence and local differentiation. This does not simply put you in a position of competitive advantage.

Comprehensive service and support

Choose to adopt the Wavin factory model, and you will benefit from comprehensive and expert support. Our attitude to consultancy is all about being generous – about sharing openly our experience of every aspect of factory design and production.

Our consultants will advise you on everything from blue-print design, through to factory foundation and lay-out, equipment requirements, power, pressurized air and water-systems required.

Why take risks?

Every new business venture is a risk. But by selecting a proven production model, you can minimize those risks. The Wavin operation model is robust and proven. It is not theoretical. Every aspect of our own production experience is encapsulated in the license model.