Like any other highly specialized manufacturer, Wavin depends on a chain of expertise and supply. In our own factories, we have made carefully considered choices about which equipment manufacturers to use – seeking always to get the optimal balance between cost, reliability and sustainability.

But as a specialist, we have also developed or specified our own tooling as required.

Informed experience

If you are considering a technology license agreement with Wavin, there will be implications for the equipment you rely on in your own facilities.

We fully understand the need to maximize the value of any existing investments – extending the viable, cost-effective and useful life of existing equipment to the max. But where new equipment of any kind is under consideration, we will provide informed advice based on our own best-practice and experience.

An end-to-end perspective

Optimized production is only possible when the equipment on which you rely is fit for purpose. Wavin’s experienced consultants can advise on the complete range of specialist equipment used across the production process.

This spans:
• Raw material management
• Compounding technology
• Extrusion plant
• Injection moulding

We are also well positioned to share our experience on business and manufacturing optimization systems like:
• Production efficiency improvement (TPM)
• Logistics, production planning, stock control (SCO)
• Quality control systems
• Costing systems

Purchasing power

We all know the rules of business: the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Working as a Wavin licensee, you will benefit from the relationships that we have built up over many years with our own suppliers.

This doesn’t just mean the best deal financially – it also means the right deal in terms of service and warranty.