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Wavin highlights the need for sound sewage solutions on World Toilet Day

Wavin recognises the need to raise awareness on the global crisis of sanitation. Developing countries are struggling with this problem and by commemorating World Toilet Day on November 19th, we are casting a bright spotlight on an issue that affects the health of millions of disenfranchised families. What many of us take for granted, others consider a luxury: a functioning toilet.

1 in 3 people on this planet still don’t have access to a clean and safe toilet; 1,000 children die each day due to poor sanitation; and better sanitation supports better nutrition and improved health, especially for women and children
UN World Toilet Organisation

Something as simple as a functioning toilet can save lives

It’s not a glamorous subject. But it can be a deadly one. An estimated 2.6 billion people live without adequate sanitation and hygiene, which means they lack protection against preventable diseases that claim the lives of thousands daily, many of them – children. Wavin knows firsthand that in order to safeguard both human health and the environment, reliable and durable systems are needed for transporting waste water from domestic, commercial and industrial buildings to treatment plants.

Loss of productivity due to illnesses caused by lack of sanitation and poor hygiene practices is estimated to cost many countries up to 5% of GDP.
Guy Hutton, PhD , World Health Organization

Toilets actually contribute to a strong economy

Never underestimate the power of the humble toilet. The theme for this year’s World Toilet Day is “Toilets and jobs” – underscoring the fact that the lack of good sanitation at work and at home can adversely affect people’s livelihoods. It’s very difficult to work when you’re suffering from poor health and malnutrition. Absenteeism (at work), reduced concentration, and exhaustion all lead to low productivity. Toilets improve work productivity and create jobs which, in turn, help economies grow. Part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, launched in 2015, includes a commitment to ensure that everyone (everywhere) will have access to toilets and adequate sanitation by 2030.

Wavin takes social responsibility to heart

Wavin has a long history of helping communities to develop and implement sustainable sewage and waste water management plans, so that people can have access to clean water and functioning toilets. We partnered with Unicef in a programme called “Providing Essentials for Children” by providing our products, expertise and money to help children in Asia and Africa gain access to clean drinking water, hygeine education and sanitation. We are proud of our efforts and will continue to support global initiatives for sustainable development.

Yes, something as simple as a functioning toilet can make all the difference for billions of people – not only to health and livelihood, but also to the most basic of rights… their human dignity.
For more information on how you can join this movement, go to the United Nation’s World Toilet Day website.

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