Domestic refurbishment project

Hep2O Low-Build Max provides perfect home heating solution

For a domestic refurbishment project an alternative, cost effective heating solution to radiators was required. As this was a residential property an easy and quick to install system was essential in order to have as little disruption to the house as possible.

The challenge

The area to be heated included a large, open plan kitchen as well as a utility room and entrance hallway. Radiators had previously been used to heat this space, but had failed to provide even heat and were considered unfit for purpose.

Our approach

Underfloor heating was considered the best heating solution, as it provided a cost effective way of heating the space evenly at once, with one system, operating independently from other rooms in the house. Hep2O Low-Build Max was specified, and 250m of 10mm Hep2O pipes were used over five 50m circuits on this project. Due to the large size of the panels (1200mm x 600mm x 15mm), and the flexible pipe and simple push fit fittings that make up the Hep2O system, installing the Low-Build Max system in this large area was completed in under two days, including laying all panels and pipe, installing the five-port manifold and setting up the programmable thermostat.

The benefits

Hep2O Low-Build Max was the chosen solution as the system has minimal impact on the height of the floor, allowing for a speedy installation due to minimal disruption to the current structure of the house. Being able to tile straight on top of the panels was a great bonus too as this ensured the overall build height was kept to an absolute minimum, ensuring the system was compatible with existing fixtures and fittings. The panels could be walked on in a matter of minutes, meaning the completion of this project could be carried out in the minimum amount of time.

About Low-Build Max

The Hep2O Low-Build Max system gives installers a quick and easy-to-fit heating alternative to radiators, particularly on renovation projects. The Low-Build Max panels have been specially designed to keep overall floor height to an absolute minimum. At just 15mm deep and featuring pre-routed channels for easy pipe placement, the system allows UFH to be installed quickly on all refurbishment projects – from kitchen re-fits to new spaces created by knocking walls through – without the need for existing flooring levels to be lowered. Low-Build Max is equally applicable for new build jobs and extensions. The panels are of a large enough size – 1,200mm x 600mm – to allow installers to cover large areas at speed without being too bulky to handle. As the panels can be neatly trimmed using a hand saw and secured using adhesive, installation is simple and can be carried out by just one person if necessary.

Tiling on top of the new underfloor heating system was able to begin the next day. The result is a striking new space, with an even distribution of heat that has transformed a cold and unwelcoming kitchen into the heart of the home.

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