Multinational commits itself to future proofing cities

jeudi 6 février 2020

Wavin presents new, purpose-led business vision to employees

Multinational commits itself to future proofing cities

Zwolle, 6 February 2020 – Wavin presented its new corporate vision with a central purpose to all 11,500 of its employees worldwide. The multinational wants to contribute to the future resilience of cities all over the world. Achieving the purpose is not only about what Wavin delivers, but also concerns the question of how Wavin does it. The presentation is the first step in a turning point towards a purpose-driven organisation.

Social challenges

Cities all over the world are continuing to grow: United Nations research shows that by 2030 more than 70% of the world's population will live in major cities. Urbanisation poses challenges in terms of sustainable construction, safe and efficient water supply, sanitation and the disposal of rainwater and wastewater. Climate change means that cities are also having to deal with increasingly long periods of drought or flooding. Far-reaching measures are needed to address these problems.

Keeping cities livable & loveable

Wavin has an impressive history in the field of water management. The company was founded in 1955 to modernise the water network in the Netherlands. In the following decades, it grew to become the European and Latin American market leader. Today, it is known as a global brand for its innovative solutions in building and infrastructure. With its new purpose, building healthy, sustainable environments, Wavin is committing itself to the further development of products that can keep cities livable and loveable in the future. And how? By taking action on the 4 purpose drivers for Wavin: safe and efficient water supply, better sanitation and hygiene, climate resilient cities and better building performance.

Dialogue with decision-makers

Wavin also wants to be part of the social debate. During the presentation, which was broadcasted worldwide in more than 60 Wavin offices and factories, CEO Maarten Roef said that Wavin wants to enter into a dialogue with municipalities, real-estate developers, NGO’s, engineers, scientists, installers and contractors all around the world to jointly solve the problems of our time.

About Wavin

Wavin is an innovative solution provider for the building and infrastructure industry across multiple continents. Backed up by 60+ years of expertise, the company is geared up to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges in safe and efficient water supply, sanitation and hygiene, climate-resilient cities and better building performance. At Wavin, we focus on creating positive change in the world and our passion is building healthy, sustainable environments. We engage and collaborate with city leaders, engineers, contractors and installers to help make cities future-proof and buildings comfortable and energy-efficient. Wavin is part of Orbia, a community of companies bound together by a shared purpose: to advance life around the world. Wavin has 11’500+ employees in 40+ countries worldwide.