Recent innovations

Wavin has sustained progress by always looking ahead - and innovating. Not just in product design, but also in technology and customer-focused operations - the world does not stand still.

The pressure to drive down costs, the need to deliver projects faster, the demand of new regulations and the call for greater energy efficiency; throughout Wavin we recognise that the only way to keep pace is to innovate continuously. On this page you will find the latest Wavin innovations.

Wavin SiTech+

Wavin SiTech+ is a mineral reinforced polypropylene (PP) soil and waste system. The system offers increased robustness, low-noise properties and improved ease of installation. We have increased the weight of the fittings by 20% for improved acoustic comfort during water flow. 

Wavin Q-Bic Plus modular system

In 2015 we launched the new generation of our infiltration and attenuation systems for rainwater management. 
This innovative, modular system sets a new standard in:

  • DESIGN FREEDOM - Plan, design and fit the ideal rainwater tank – whatever the soil type, available area or load – with integrated vertical access points and a range of connection options.
  • FASTER INSTALLATION - Lightweight units with integrated connectors ensure a significantly faster and more cost-effective installation, compared to traditional plastic systems that use connector clips and pins. A firm fit with just the push of a finger.
  • TOTAL ACCESS FOR INSPECTION AND CLEANING - Take advantage of the most open tank design available on the market, which ensures optimal tank capacity throughout its lifetime by enabling simple, effective maintenance.

Wavin Q-BB: for optimising buried infiltration or attenuation tank design

Customers using the existing Wavin Q-Bic units (which are inspectable and cleanable) told us they wanted tank design to be more flexible because 100% inspectability is not always required.

Q-BB units can be used in combination with Q-Bic units, allowing total design freedom for your storm water management project.

Wavin Ekoplastik PPr Fiber Basalt pipe

The new Ekoplastik PPr Fiber Basalt pipe uses innovative materials to real advantage. The new generation P-RCT material gives the pipe an increased resistance to higher temperatures and high pressure. The basalt fibers add to the benefits by reducing thermal expansion of the pipe when in contact with high temperature water.