As a company we take our responsibility in realising a sustainable supply chain. In the end we want to deliver products that meet our own sustainability demands and those of the customer, the government and society. Our main goal is to further improve the transparency and sustainability of our supply chain.

What do we do?

Wavin conducts business in such a way that it complies with all the legislation and widely-accepted standards related to fairness and human decency, including the UN Global Compact, the UN declaration of Human Rights and ILO conventions. We also comply with the Registration Evaluation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), an EU regulation. The essence of this regulation is that manufacturers and importers of chemical products in amounts of 1 metric ton or more per year must register these products with the ECHA. Wavin’s business principles are laid down in the Wavin Code of Conduct, which outlines the standards of (business) behaviour we expect our employees to adhere to.

What do we expect from our suppliers?

We expect our suppliers (as well as their suppliers) to adhere to REACH and to the Wavin Supplier Code of Conduct.
In order to rate the sustainability performance of our key suppliers, we have developed the Wavin Sustainable Suppliers Procedure.
With this procedure we map the level of sustainability of our key suppliers. Where possible we help them increase their level of sustainability.
One of the components of the procedure is the Supplier Sustainability Questionnaire, which is used as a self-assessment or as the basis for a visit from Wavin.

Contact us

For more information about sustainability or the Wavin Sustainable Supplier Procedure, please contact:
Wavin Sustainability Manager
+31(0)38 429 4911