For Wavin, sustainability has become a driver for value creation rather than a tool for image boosting and cost reduction. Our focus is shifting from internal activities and cost reduction strategies towards a focus on better products adding value to customers and end-users.

We have formulated a set of environmental reduction targets to be reached by 2015, and we have been monitoring our progress in these areas since 2008. The set targets have been specified in relative figures so to eliminate any effect of changes in production volume. Our 2014 environmental performance indicators show that we are on track to reach our 2015 targets.


Wavin has achieved significant progress in most indicators and has been able to exceed our 2014 targets for energy, carbon emissions and waste-to-landfill. However, our use of recycled material in products decreased compared to last year as a direct result of changes in French legislation. Due to scheduled maintenance, our water reuse equipment was inoperative at one of our plants, impacting our water to sewer performance. We recognize that continuously improving our sustainability performance is progressively difficult. We however remain committed to continuous improvement and work hard to achieve the stretched targets set for 2015.

You can read more about Wavin's Environmental Performance in the CSR Report 2014.