WAJ Customer Testimonial 

Introduction to Wavin WAJ 110mm

 The Wavin Access Junction (WAJ 110) provides access from surface level to Wavin below ground 110mm diameter gravity drainage and sewer systems.

The WAJ 110mm is available in 10 flow profiles and is complete with WAFIX seals. The WAFIX seal provides security of water tightness whilst facilitating flexibility of installation misalignment.

The range of profiles along with the same invert level for entry & outlet minimises the risk of blockages.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multiple options for maximum installation flexibility
  • Fast, easy installation: no wet trades
  • Lightweight: no lifting equipment required
  • Push-fit shaft sections: one or more can be used to achieve required invert depth
  • Final shaft section can be cut to required length
  • No additional trench excavation required
  • The 110mm inlets are level invert and fully swept to give maximum flow characteristics and to minimise the risk of blockage


What our customers say about the WAJ 110mm

"Wavin - Do it once, Do it right"
Trusted by professionals who want reliability and peace of mind during installations, Wavin Access Chambers have been the market leader in Ireland for over 40 years. Don't just take our word for it! Here is Thomas from Magna Construction explaining why he only uses the Wavin system.



Areas inaccessible to motor vehicles – Down to 0.6m deep under Building Regulations – Part H1 Load classification EN124:A15


Key Dimensions

Invert depth of base: 205mm

Shaft section length: 150mm

Inlets/outlets: 110mm

150mm shaft length available for flexible assembly to max installation depth: 0.6m. Ref Table 9 Part H Building Regulations 2010