Monday 7 September 2015

Keeping up with the latest changes to the Irish Building Regulations can be tricky.... We make it easy!

Wavin, the leading manufacturer and supplier of plumbing, rainwater and drainage systems continues to meet the rigorous demands of Building Regulations Part H - Drainage & Waste Water Disposal with our fully Certified pipe and fittings to EN1401-1 & EN13476 - 1.

Regulations - what’s changed?

On 1st March 2014, the new Building Control (Amendment) Regulations came into effect to address failings in previous systems. With significant advances in construction methods, materials and technology over the last quarter of a century, the new model is unsurprisingly one of the most advanced changes to the Building Control Code since the Building Act was introduced in 1990.
Although these amendments are only required for new builds and extensions over 40 square metres, the changes increase accountability and aim to improve quality of workmanship, long term performance and quality of product to meet current Irish Building Regulations.
On 1st September 2015, further amendments were published with reference to Article (9)5 of the Building Control Regulations 1997 to 2015. Article 9(5) enables an owner of a single dwelling, on single unit development, or an extension to a dwelling, to opt out of the requirement to obtain statutory certificates of compliance with building regulations in relation to the building concerned.
All applicable projects will now have an Assigned Certifier appointed, who at the end of each build will be responsible for issuing the Certificate of Compliance. This puts additional responsibilities on the Assigned Certifier to ensure that each section of the job is designed, specified and built in accordance with current Building Regulations.
Get the right product, first time, everytime!
To ensure that you are compliant with Irish Building Regulations 2010 Part H, Wavin has published a product specification table. This table clearly demonstrates, when using Wavin below ground gravity drainage systems, you can stand over and issue your Certificate of Compliance for all Wavin products specified, installed and their long term performance post construction. Wavin below ground drainage systems are your key to compliance!
Irish Building Regulations Part H 2010 – Drainage and Waste Water Disposal.
This is the current relevant section of the Irish Building Regulations relating to drainage materials and requirements. It sets out what materials can be used and what minimum standards should apply to these materials.
Tables 7 & 11 from the current Building Regulations Part H 2010, clearly outline the materials and applicable standards that must be met when installing drainage and waste water systems.
Wavin can supply you with pipe and fittings that conform to EN 1401-1 for solid wall and EN 13476 for structured wall or multi-layer pipe. We can also supply inspection chambers to EN 13598-1.