Wednesday 16 February 2022


The AS+ low noise soil system has a range of features and benefits for which it has been recognised as a finalist for an ICE award. Some of these include:


  • Patented blue seal with lubricant protection
  • Leak free and failure-proof installation
  • Polypropylene material absorbs sound perfectly giving the product its acoustic nature
  • Low noise and no noise bracketing options
  • It’s small and compact design makes it ideal for small and narrow spaces
  • Sculptured Spigot reduces push-in force

Wavin AS+: Get a grip on noise pollution

At Wavin Ireland, we would like to thank ICE Awards for the recognition of being nominated as a finalist. We will be at the ICE Awards 2022 Gala on the 22nd of May 2022 to recognise and celebrate some of the great work that has taken place over the last year all around Ireland in our industry, and we look forward to hearing the results of our category.

You can find more information about the range of great products, people and projects that have been nominated for awards, the award ceremony itself and its partners by clicking here.