System Selection & FullSpec design

Underfloor heating design and support

The Hep2O underfloor heating team has the specialist expertise and support to help ensure every project achieves a completely successful installation. For installers, builders and specifiers, we can provide the full benefits of our experience.

Our expert assistance ranges from online system selection tools to dedicated project assistance. We have what you’ll need whether it’s for small projects or for larger, more complex schemes.

Choosing the right system

Identification of the right Hep2O Underfloor heating system for your project normally starts from the type of floor construction. Using our System selector guide can lead you quickly to the system, or system options, that will ideally suit your project.

FullSpec design service

Hep2O Underfloor heating FullSpec service is available for all subfloors (dry construction/ acoustic/ raised access/ screeded), projects involving an alternative heat source or retrofit into an old building, not meeting today's regulations.