Soil - Compact Soil & Vent

When specifying a PVC-U Soil system for your industrial and commercial project, you need a system that has been designed specifically for that environment. Wavin Soil is a compact PVC-U system that enables space saving and flexible installations for efficient removal of waste water.


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System Information

Environmental benefits

The 110/160mm compact soil pipe is manufactured using Wavin’s award winning Recycore technology.

Specialist seal technology

Compact Soil pipe and fittings have excellent seal integrity; fittings via an innovative co-moulded seal and cap, ensuring the seals do not dislodge and remain airtight and socketed pipes via a co-moulded rubber and polypropylene ring which is retained inside the socket.

Space saving

Wavin PVC-U compact soil solvent weld and push-fit fittings allow tighter waste connections than any other soil system. 40mm and 32mm 90° boss adaptors can locate and be adjusted within a 200mm cast hole.

Breadth of range / Ease of installation

To give you optimum flexibility compact soil includes a selection of single, double and unequal branches with new boss configurations. The system is available in solvent weld or ring seal.

Compact WC connectors

Also available is a comprehensive range of WC connections for all WC configurations, including connectors for WC's to BS5503 and BS1213, easy fit pan connectors and manifold branches designed to connect up to 8 WCs onto 1 float.

Correct installation

The system’s fittings incorporate integral design features to facilitate correct installation such as: Innovative 'stop' position on fitting to prevent installer fitting waste with a fall less than 2.5°. Degree angle markings enable visual identification of fall. “Dimpled” drill guides aid positioning when removing boss blanks.

What's next?

For complementary waste range see Certus PVC-C Waste. For domestic building projects you can also choose Wavin Soil and associated Waste systems.

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