Wavin Ireland aims to maintain its position as a leading manufacturer of building products. Our objective is to provide our customers with the right product, at the right time, and at a competitive price.
We are committed not only to compliance with environmental laws and the adoption of acceptable standards, but also to the introduction of measures to limit the adverse effects of our operations on the environment.

As a major user of energy and extractor of raw materials, the facilities and operation of our businesses could have a significant impact on the environment. We aim to maximise the efficiency of our use of energy and raw materials through employee awareness, waste segregation and minimisation, and recycling where practicable.

Our environmental policy is integrated with all relevant aspects of our operations to reduce the adverse impact on land, air, water, flora, fauna, property and the public at large.

Our environmental policy provides the basis for setting and reviewing standards, objectives and targets for all Operations within a continuous improvement regime.

New processes and procedures for both manufacturing and services are systematically assessed to ensure that efficiencies are optimised without sacrificing environmental benefits.
The Directors of Wavin actively support all personnel in the pursuance of this Policy.

A B Nicholls
Managing Director - Wavin South West Europe