Wavin Soil

When looking for a PVC-U system to discharge soil drainage, Wavin soil offers you secure and durable push fit connections. Available in 82-160mm diameters and black, grey and white colour options with a wide range of fittings to suit domestic and commercial applications. In addition, WC Connectors provide efficient and reliable connection to all WC layouts.

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System Information

Comprehensive choice

The Wavin soil range offers an exceptional choice of pipe and fittings including brackets, bends, junctions, access fittings, terminations and problem solvers. Available as a push-fit system in a choice of black, grey or white.

Push-Fit Connection

Ring seal (push-fit) pipe and fittings is offered to give maximum installation flexibility. Ring-Seal (push-fit) pipe and fittings are available in 82/110/160mm sizes.

Wavin WC connectors

Within Wavin Soil is a comprehensive set of WC fittings for all WC configurations, including easy fit, flexible pan connectors and manifold branches designed to connect up to 8 WCs to 1 float.

Specialist seal technology

Wavin Soil pipe and fittings have excellent seal integrity; fittings via an innovative co-moulded seal and cap, ensuring the seals do not dislodge and retain airtight socketed pipes via a co-moulded rubber and polypropylene ring which is retained inside the socket.

Specialist fittings

Within the range we offer you fittings designed to make installations easier. For example the 6-boss manifold has a compact design to sit in a 200mm hole with multiple waste connection options (without the need for boss adaptors) to give you maximum versatility in a restricted space.

Environmental Benefits

Wavin Soil 110mm and 160mm soil pipe is manufactured using Wavin’s award winning Recycore Technology.