Inspection Chambers for Deep Installations

Wavin offers inspection chambers in sizes 315, 450, 600mm and 1000mm diameters, designed in accordance with BSEN 13598-2 for deep applications. They are typically used to a maximum depth of 3 metres, depending on the chamber.

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System Information


Our IC315mm, 450mm and 600mm inspection chamber ranges comply with the requirements of BSEN 13598-2: 2009 for ground water tables up to 3 metres.

Flow configuration

Chambers support both straight-through, 45°and 90° branch configurations for 110/160 mm plastic pipes.

Flexible and robust

The Wavin 315, 450 and 600mm chambers have separate 2m to 3m ribbed shafts, all are easy to cut to the required length.

Top solutions

Wavin offers a range of A15 plastic cover and frame solutions for the IC315mm and IC450mm ranges.