Flexible Couplings

When you need to connect to an existing sewer system of different sizes or materials, Wavin Flexible Couplings provide a range of sizes to cover the most common situations.

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System Information

Standard Couplings

Standard Couplings range from 110 - 175mm diameter, they incorporate a stainless steel central shear band and worm drive clamps. Approved for use in adoptable sewers and installations where heavy earth loads may be encountered.

Drain Couplings

Drain Couplings range from 110 – 165mm diameter. For use where the coupling will not be subjected to shear or heavy earth loads such as an insertion junction in a drain or in vertical applications such as industrial rainwater pipes.

Adaptor Couplings

Adaptor Couplings range from 110 – 260mm diameter. The stepped coupling allows the connection of pipes of vastly different diameters and materials without the need for a separate packing bush.


All Wavin flexible couplings comply with BS EN 295-4:2013. The standard couplings also comply with WIS 4-41-01. The rubber used conforms to BS EN 681-1:1996.

What next?

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