Land Drain

A drainage system offers significant advantages, whether it is applied in agriculture, sports and recreation, or along roads and embankments. When you need effective drainage of agricultural land, roads, embankments, sports and recreation Wavin's drainage systems can provide the solution. Our land drainage systems are flexible, and easy to use and come with an extensive range of accessories.

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System Information


Good drainage in agriculture can improve soil structure for better growth and higher yields. Playing fields and recreational areas will benefit from extended use across the season. Faster drainage alongside roads and embankments can be achieved for increased safety and less surface damage by refreezing.

What’s next?

In addition to regular drainage systems, Wavin also offers infiltration transport and drainage transport sewers. With our systems, you are assured of effective, proper disposal of excess water.


The WavinCoil perforated system is available in sizes 80, 100 and 160mm diameter and is delivered in coil sizes 25m, 50m and 100m. Unperforated coil is available in 160mm and is delivered in 25m coils. Wavin land drainage pipes use slot perforations for superior drainage. There is a range of fittings including couplers, reducers and junctions to complete the system.