Wavin Twinwall infiltration pipes are slotted to allow controlled infiltration as water is transported along their entire length. This reduces the volume of water required to be drained at the endpoint and allows the re-charging of subterraneal aqua ducts.

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System Information

What’s next?

Wavin design services will provide you with a complete plan, optimising chamber spacing and end-point overflow.

Transport and drainage

Wavin TwinWall pipe is manufactured by a twin extrusion process which creates an outer corrugated wall and a smooth finished inner wall to assist hydraulic flow. The pipe is complimented by a comprehensive range of fittings.

Choice of stiffness and sizes

Wavin TwinWall pipes come in a variety of stiffness classifications in 6 metre lengths. They are available from 150mm to 600mm diameters.


Like all Wavin products, TwinWall pipes meet all relevant regulation and compliance standards and is BBA Certified.