PVC-A Aquaforce

Manufactured from PVC-A, Wavin offers a comprehensive range of Aquaforce pipe and fittings for potable water. Manufactured in accordance with Pas 27, it offers many advantages over traditional PVC-U and Ductile Iron Systems.

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System Information

The Range

Wavin Aquaforce is available in sizes 110mm to 400mm and is certified for 3 pressure ratings - 10 bar, 12.5 bar and 16 bar.

Certified to the highest standards

Wavin Aquaforce (PVC-A) is manufactured using CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) impact modifier with PVC and is manufactured to British Standard PAS27. It is also fully approved by Irish Water.

Material toughness

Increased material toughness ensures that there is greater impact strength and resistance to slow crack growth. This material strength further reduces the wall thickness producing a lighter pipe.

Ease of installation/sizing

Wavin Aquaforce is manufactured with an integral socket which minimises insertion force and makes displacement impossible. The comparatively large bore area means savings on pipe sizing with this range.