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Hep₂O Underfloor heating has solutions for any project, large or small. We offer offer a comprehensive range of services to support you before, during and after installation. We have systems for all floor types so whether it is new build or retrofit we can help you find the right solution.

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System Information

Staples (& track rail)

In this system the heating pipe is stapled to insulation prior to screeding, which offers total flexibility of heating pipe layout. This system is particularly useful for irregular areas.

You can add 2 metre track rail to this system for additional security at installation stage particularly if you are using a traditional sand/cement screed.

System plates

System Plates are for general use, suiting both liquid and conventional screeds. The sheets are laid over insulation and the heating pipe is pushed into the clips within them. This helps ensure regular pipe spacing.

Pocketed Polystyrene

Pocketed Polystyrene panels can replace the plain insulation layer within the floor. They contain channels to grip the pipe, with wider pockets at intervals to enhance screed wrap around the pipe.

Manifolds and controls

The Hep₂O composite manifold offers great flexibility and allows you to configure the system to suit the size of the installation. Using up to 12 ports it uses simple flexible modules, and allows future retrofitting of additional circuits. We also have a range of standard and networked controls with both wired and wireless thermostats.

What’s next?

We offer complete support for any project. if you need help choosing the right system use our system select tool. For full project support including detailed drawings, send your plans to our technical design team or contact our dedicated team on 01 8020200.