Wavin has applied Recycore Technology to its new multi-layer, solid-core pipes, made with over 50% recycled content. The products include 110 and 160mm drain and soil pipes in a range of colours.

Why Recycore technology?

Sustainability has always been an important business driver for Wavin. Its 60 year old roots lie in the search for a safe and environmentally-friendly distribution of drinking water and the need to continually strive for sustainable and resource-efficient solutions remains a company-wide philosophy.

A more sustainable future

Recycore Technology uses as much recycled PVC as possible to ensure that products have at least the same proven and excellent performance characteristics as the virgin products that they replace.


Recycore Technology 110 and 160mm drain and soil pipes have been extensively and independently tested and their performance characteristics have been found to be identical to those required by BS EN 1401-1:2009 and BS EN 1329 respectively.