Wavin SiTech+

Wavin SiTech+ is a waste water system made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene (PP), which offers increased durability, but more importantly is quiet and easy to install. Insulated PP sewage pipes for house construction and for building renovations bring comfort and long-term reliability for your building project.


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System Information

New black color

The black color adds to the durability and robustness. Black color improves protection against UV radiation, is less sensitive to dirt and gives the system a professional appearance.

Whats next?

With SiTech+, Wavin is launching a product that offers effective noise reduction, answering installer requests for more professional soil & waste systems. SiTech+ is a game changer in the market. Contact Wavin to find out where to buy SiTech+.

Less noise

20% heavier fittings sets a higher standard for low-noise soil and waste systems. SiTech+ is a high performance system that reduces the acoustics of water flow.

Insertion depth check

Special ribs on the spigots of the fittings checks complete insertion into the socket.

Easier to install

Ribbed fittings provide enhanced grip for easy installation in complex situations. Use SiTech+ for any project from small renovations to large-scale jobs.

Angular rotation guidance

Fittings have different markings at 15° and 45° intervals for easy alignment during installation. Easy align fittings when you need to position them at a rotated angle.


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