Wavin AS+

When low noise is a requirement for a building, Wavin AS+ system gives the best performance of any plastic piping system. As the world’s leading product line, it is the most frequently installed low-noise system. Wavin offers advanced tools for noise prediction too, which help in ensuring that your choices meet the required sound levels.


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System Information

Noise reduction

Wavin AS reduces sound emission from the soil and waste system to an absolute maximum. We achieve this through adjusted wall thickness and density; 5.3 mm for 110 mm pipes and 1.9kg/dm3. Wavin AS outperforms all other systems on the market.

Structure- and airborne sound

Wavin AS achieves optimal reduction of airborne sound thanks to its high mass and wall thickness. Reduction of structure-borne sound is the result of the low elastic-modulus of its flexible PP material and the special couplers.

World leader

Wavin AS is the world’s first choice of low-noise soil and waste. Over 25 years, this polypropylene system has become the first choice of architects and designers.

No guesswork

Wavin provides all the tools and support you need to accurately predict noise levels of any soil and waste installation. Our tools have been developed by a specialist acoustic engineering company. They measure a great variety of parameters covering both airborne and structure-borne sound.

Better than cast iron

Wavin AS beats cast iron since it has in most situations superior noise insulating properties. It is lighter and easier to install. Its secure push-fit rubber connections and corrosion-free components deliver a long lifetime of trouble-free service.

Where to use Wavin AS

Wavin AS has become the system of choice wherever silent operation matters. It is used in apartments and residential homes; in schools and universities; hospitals, hotels and offices. It’s even used in Milan’s La Scala, the world’s most famous opera house.

What’s next?

Wavin AS is part of an extensive range of products for domestic and commercial environments. They work as well in gravity-fed rainwater systems as in environments such as commercial kitchens, with their high temperatures and greasy water.

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