Recycore Technology

Wavin has applied Recycore Technology to its new multi-layer, solid-core pipes, made with over 50% recycled content. The products include 110 and 160mm drain and soil pipes in a range of colours. 

Same Performance. Same Quality.
Better Environment.

Recycore® Technology is Wavin's innovative technology to reduce the use of virgin material in its products.

It has been developed to help the construction industry achieve a lower carbon footprint and improve its sustainability credentials.

Recycore® Technology uses as much recycled material as possible to ensure that products have at least the same proven and excellent performance characteristics as the virgin products that they replace.

Over 50% recycled materials as used in pipes made from Recycore® Technology.

Recycore® Technology products are tested to industry standards and, where applicable, will be third party approved, e.g. Kitemarked.

Therefore, Recycore® Technology acts as a quality assurance mark for both high quality and sustainable products.

Recycore® Technology in use

Wavin’s soil pipes are made using Wavin’s award winning Recycore® Technology.

The Soil pipes are tested to BS EN 1453-1: 2000 and Kitemarked but have exactly the same performance characteristics as BS EN 1329-1: 2000.

The pipe contains over 50% recycled material and has the same performance and handling characteristics as virgin pipe.

Next Generation Recycore® Technology in use

Wavin has improved on its innovative Recycore® Technology to create new multi-layer drain pipes using Next Generation Recycore® Technology.

The pipe is fully Kitemarked and WIS approved and exceeds the 2,600 psi jetting standard. It is SN8 rated and meets with the requirements stated in Ofwat’s Design and Construction Guidance. 

The pipes pass the same rigorous test standards as per standard pipe, and are tested to BS EN 13476-2, with over 50% of the pipe being made up of advanced, recycled material.