Water industry innovation workshop highlights creative solutions to SuDS issues

A recent innovation sprint hosted by Wavin in partnership with the Institution of Civil Engineers aimed to create new concepts for the use of SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) to better manage surface water. The collaborative workshop brought together a diverse range of water industry professionals to collaborate and share ideas resulting in 13 new concepts of which 4 were developed into proposition blue prints, each carefully considered to ensure that they met the needs of the differing SuDS stakeholders.

 sfa8 results
 sfa 8 survery results

The innovations were created to fulfil the four pillars of sustainable drainage systems


Green Developer was a concept created to address the needs of developers that aren’t clear on what’s in it for them when it comes to implementing SuDS. It included a bespoke tool for developers to understand the true value of sustainable drainage systems and featured a SuDS map, design tools, home value forecast, online and face to face support.

Adoption innovation hub, a shared digital workspace and forum for all stakeholders involved in adopting and implementing SuDS. This concept aimed to reduce commercial risk by the sharing of experience and resources.

 sewers for adoption 8th edition survey results

Community Water, a fun and educational mobile app which builds more resilient communities through better understanding of water management. This concept aimed to help address the lack of individual and community understanding of water management, flooding and SuDS.

SuDS for schools, a partnership between WSCS and schools to upgrade outdoor facilities and optimise them for sustainable flood management with tools for online applications for funding, consultations and a supporting outdoor sustainability education programme.


There will be more innovation workshops happening around the UK in the coming months.

Wavin is partnering with ICE as part of it’s the Year of Water. Working with civil engineers and industry professionals to explore and start conversations around the challenges of water management, flooding and climate resilience. Find out more here

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