A new framework has been released by Atkins to enable water companies to improve their long term drainage and waste water planning. Whilst the framework is not a statutory requirement, 10 water and wastewater companies in England and Wales have committed to producing DWMP (drainage and wastewater management plans) in accordance with the framework.


The framework was commissioned by Water UK in collaboration with Defra, Welsh Government, Ofwat, Environment Agency, Natural Resources for Wales, Consumer Council for Water, ADEPT and Blueprint for water. It builds on the Drainage Strategy Framework, published by Ofwat and the Environment Agency in May 2013, and more recently, the work of the 21st Century Drainage Programme.

Martin Lambley, Wavin’s product manager for stormwater management comments “This new framework signals a significant step forward in ensuring resilient drainage and waste water systems for the future with a strategic and joined up long term strategy. Until now water companies have used a range of approaches for planning but future pressures on drainage systems including population growth, new development, urban creep and climate change are making it increasingly difficult and a standardised approach should be highly beneficial to both communities and the environment”

The framework provides a consistent approach for the most effective targeting of investment and transparency for all stakeholders. It also includes key tools and metrics to be used when planning how to extend, improve and maintain robust drainage systems allowing for a systematic understanding of risks and vulnerability. It is also hoped that this frame work will facilitate the integration of partnership working allowing the co-creation of effective solutions.

The planning framework will require long term plans for a minimum of 25 years to show how they will support economic growth and resilient communities and how they will enhance the environment.

You can see the framework document here

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