State of the Nation 2020

State of the Nation 2020

How has the pandemic affected the way you work?

From looking like a Ghostbuster, to bringing customers wine and cheese, you guys have seen it all.

Do your customers feel comfortable leaving you alone in their home?

Keep watching to find out if the nation really trusts plumbers.

Do your customers pay on time?

It's the most annoying part of the job, so how can you ensure your customers pay the bill on time?

Do your customers want a say in choosing products?

Believe it or not, they want to be more involved than you think. Here's why...

Top findings

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The Not So Serious Stuff

Funniest stories from on the job

Here's some of your best plumbing stories from life on the job.

The worst plumbing DIY attempts 

Watch to hear stories from plumbers about the worst botch jobs they've ever come across.


How to promote your business offline 

From clever branding to memorable merch, here's construction marketing expert, Laura Perry, to give you some practical tips on getting your plumbing business recognised.

Finding the right social media channel

Social media can be confusing! So, here's a breakdown, channel by channel, of how to use the different platforms.

Tips to get ahead on social media

With the majority of businesses now on social media, how do you make yours stand out?

Financial apps and software to make your life easier

Make sure your customers pay on time with the help of these finance apps and software. Here's Financial Advisor, Steven Glicher, with the lowdown.

How to stay on top of your taxes

Let's be honest, if you're running a small business or are self-employed, understanding your finances can be tricky. Here's everything you need to know about staying on top of your taxes.

Covid-proofing your business

COVID-proofing your business is vital, but what does it mean for you? Here's how to stay ahead of the game.

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