Wavin delivers plumb job with Tigris K1 for Norwich City Council project

Sheltered accommodation provides homes to some of societies’ most vulnerable. When Norwich City Council looked to refurbish some of its properties for this crucial purpose, the council’s specifier turned to Wavin for a plumbing solution to tick all the project’s boxes.

The Challenge

The need for quick, safe, and effective heating and plumbing solutions was paramount for Norwich City Council when undertaking a refurbishment project of 40 sheltered accommodation plots and community centre, totalling 270 radiators.

Concerns were raised by the Council’s specifier over traditional systems that require on-site soldering of copper pipes, which would impose stringent and time-consuming health and safety requirements on the installers.

The Approach

Working closely with the Council, Wavin devised a quick, safe high-performance plumbing solution utilising its multilayer press-fit plastic pipe system, Tigris K1.

To support contractors Panks Engineering, Wavin arranged and provided certified training to ensure the team was well-informed and competent on the use and benefits of Tigris K1. Panks had previously worked with other plumbing and heating systems available on the market, but agreed Wavin’s Tigris K1 system worked best for the project.

The Benefits

Designed for potable water and heating applications, Tigris K1 is ideally suited for installation on commercial projects such as educational establishments, apartment blocks and hotels thanks to its flexibility and ease of installation. The use of clamping of the product to create joints was a clear benefit for the project over the traditional use of copper pipes.

The aluminium layer in the plastic Tigris K1 pipes reduces thermal expansion, making them comparable to copper in terms of performance, while the cross-linked PEXc inner layer makes the pipes flexible. This flexibility means fewer connectors are needed, further simplifying installation and reducing cost.

All Tigris K1 components deliver long-term performance under the most demanding conditions and temperatures. They are certified by major European agencies including WRAS, KIWA and DVGW.

Don Elworthy, Senior Contracts Manager at Panks Engineering, said: “Meeting with Wavin and talking through all of the benefits of Tigris K1, it was clear that this solution would help us work to a tight timescale on the project. Wavin supported the installation team by providing certified training to ensure the installation can run smoothly with a product we haven’t used before. The team are now confident and we’re looking forward to getting started.”

On any property project, we need the safest and quickest solutions that are also going to be reliable and perform for years to come to ensure the comfort and well-being of our residents. Tigris K1 fit the profile perfectly and the support from Wavin ensuring the engineers and installers were all happy helped the process greatly.
Michael Mingay , Senior Services Engineer at Norwich County Council

Neil King, Technical Sales Manager at Wavin, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with both Panks Engineering and Norwich City Council to deliver a solution for this important refurbishment project. Tigris K1 was the perfect choice, providing all the benefits of copper without the hassle of having to have hot works permits and all the extra time on site.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how the project progresses, and working further with Norwich City Council on more projects where our products and services can help meet its objectives.”