Pilsdon Community Farm Project

Wavin comes to the rescue at Pilsdon Community Farm

Wavin has donated OsmaDrain pipe, fittings and inspection chambers worth almost £6,000 to the Pilsdon Community – a working farm in Dorset that offers accommodation and employment for homeless people suffering from mental health issues.

Led by construction charity CRASH and delivered by Patron Company BAM Construct as main contractor, the two phase redevelopment included a barn restoration and conversion of stable blocks into accommodation. However, the site’s sewage treatment system was not functioning properly and its concrete water tank was showing signs of deterioration. 

To bring the below ground drainage system up to standard, Wavin offered the perfect solution with its OsmaDrain range. Over 70 metres of 110mm drainage pipe and a number of inspection chambers were supplied free of charge.

“From our expansive OsmaDrain range, we have supplied 110mm drainage pipe, shallow inspection chambers and universal inspection chambers, as well as complementary fittings,” said John Nichols, Project Sales Manager, Wavin. “We were able to upgrade their drainage system free of charge, with high quality products that will deliver proven performance and reliability as the community continues to grow.”

All of the pipe fittings supplied from the OsmaDrain range provided unique benefits to both the installer and client. Made using a manufacturing process that delivers the most robust captive seal system, this makes it practically impossible to dislodge it during installation. And with the development requiring a number of inspection chambers, Wavin was able to supply three different types for both shallow and deep applications.

Reverend Michael Deegan, Warden for the Pilsdon Community, explains: “For a long time Pilsdon has struggled with an inadequate sewerage and drainage system. Thanks to the support of CRASH and the professionalism and generosity of Wavin and BAM Construction, we were able to install a new drainage system that offers far more than we could ever have afforded ourselves.”

“The success of every project that CRASH is involved with relies upon the companies that support us,” said Francesca Roberts, Chief Executive, CRASH. “Wavin very generously offered to support the project by supplying their product free of charge, and this was absolutely essential in getting the project off the ground. Thanks to all of the companies involved, the result will be something that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”