Q-Bic Plus SuDS solution keeps London park high and dry

For the first time in the UK; Q-Bic Plus, a new modular Sustainable Urban Drainage system (SuDS), has been used to create a high-performance stormwater management system for a new park in central London. 

The installation is part of a £3 billion regeneration project in Elephant and Castle, Southwark. When completed, the site will feature landscaped grounds, as well as a temporary pavilion and event space.

Q-Bic Plus will help ensure the site remains protected from the flood risk posed by extreme rainfall events. It will do so by attenuating stormwater within its open structures before releasing it at a controlled rate into the ground via infiltration.

Wavin recommended Q-Bic Plus for the site, because of its unique 'inspectable' design. This gives engineers access to inspect more than 70 per cent of the volume of the tank via two inspection chambers situated on top of the structure. As a result, engineers can easily carry out inspections to monitor the system’s long-term performance and undertake regular maintenance, ensuring it is able to protect the site well into the future.

In addition, Q-Bic Plus offers enhanced modularity compared with standard engineered SuDS, providing engineers with even greater freedom to design a system that meets the unique needs of each site. It also significantly streamlines the installation process, as sections of the system can be moved and fixed into place by hand. 

To further support the SuDS system in removing excess water during heavy rain, Wavin’s OsmaDrain pipe systems have been installed across the site. These connect the Q-Bic Plus tanks with the rest of the guttering and drainage network in the development in order to channel rainwater from roofs, footpaths and the car park into the SuDS, managing surface water levels in the development. 

Martin Lambley, Product Manager for Stormwater Management at Wavin, commented: "Simplifying the monitoring and care of SuDS is key to making sure they offer the same great performance over the long term as they did the day they were installed."

With such an easy-to-maintain system installed, the people in charge of looking after the development can be sure the site will continue to stay dry even in the worst weather. As a result, they can be confident it will provide a beautiful green space for local residents to enjoy for many years to come.
Martin Lambley , Stormwater Product Manager