King’s Cross mixed-use development project

Hep2O provides safe, secure plumbing solution at new capital residential development

For the fast track fit out of 255 apartments at a stunning new multi-million pound residential development in London’s King’s Cross, a plumbing system that could be installed quickly, had a proven track record and came with a comprehensive guarantee was required. Contractors SES specified the market leading Hep2O Push-Fit plumbing system, a solution that has a 50-year guarantee and enabled the contractor to fit up to nine apartments per week.

Building P1 is part of a 67-acre King’s Cross mixed-use development featuring offices, homes, shops, hotels, leisure and community facilities. With such a huge project to fulfill, clients Argent and Network Rail needed to ensure the homes were habitable as quickly as possible. In order to facilitate their requirement, contractor SES selected Hep2O Push-Fit pipework to link Heating Interface Units to kitchen and bathrooms throughout the building.

The Push-Fit Hep2O includes unique features that enable quick and easy installation with a secure fitting. When pipework or fitting is securely in place it emits a ‘rumble’ signal to denote a perfect fit. In another innovative security feature, the Push-Fit’s fittings are easily adjusted with a HepKey demounting system to prevent tampering or accidental demounting to ensure the installation is totally secure. The system also works superbly well with copper and plastic, making it ideal for a variety of applications across both new build and refurbishment projects.

With traditional copper pipework, even with a near perfect installation, you’re going to get leaks. We’ve not had a single leak with Hep2O. It was very quick and easy to install and because it is plastic it gave us a lot more flexibility. It meant we were able to meet the strict deadline and complete up to nine apartments per week.
Chris Rose , SES Senior Project Engineer
Hep2O pipework ensured a straightforward installation due to being lightweight, easy to cut and handle. The pipework can withstand point loadings and if necessary, be installed by just one person. As a result, SES comfortably completed the Building P1 project to their 12-month deadline.
It’s the first time we’ve used Hep2O on a major project, but we’ll be drawing on our experience at King’s Cross to use it again on similar projects. It was fantastic, and so much quicker to install than copper pipework.
Chris Rose , SES Senior Project Engineer
Hep2O should still be insulated, but once in place keeps its flexibility in temperatures as low as –15°C, which significantly reduces the risk of burst pipes, making it ideal for new build and renovation projects.