Second pilot of PlasticRoad launches in Giethoorn, Netherlands

The second pilot for the innovative PlasticRoad, developed by Wavin in partnership with KWS and Total, has now launched.

The second pilot for the innovative PlasticRoad, developed by Wavin in partnership with KWS and Total, has now launched. 

Two months after the first PlasticRoad cycleway pilot was launched in Wavin’s home town of Zwolle, the installation of a second stretch of cycleway in a nearby town of Giethoorn has been installed. The canal lined town was different to the first pilot with its waterlogged soils that can be compressed by pressure and are subject to subsidence, making the lighter weight plastic road a better alternative than heavier construction materials. 
In Giethoorn we are perfectly able to test the advantages of the low weight of the elements in relation to those settlements
Marcel Jager , Mexichem, B&I Senior Project Manager

The latest installation will also allow the application of several lessons learned from the Zwolle pilot scheme. This time the PlasticRoad team used a lighter crane for construction which could be driven over PlasticRoad elements instead of next to them. Engineers fixed a plastic fabric around the road elements, the change that these no longer need to be held in place during installation have speeded things up causing less disruption to city life.


Just last week, the PlasticRoad received the Coubouw award for the Best Innovative Products of 2018, awarded by Cobouw, the leading construction media agency in the Netherlands. 

Both of these initial pilots will continue to be monitored to assess durability, subsidence, traffic and more. Future pilots could include a car park made from plastic road. There are also many possibilities for the future of plastic road including a road that charges your electric car whilst you drive.  

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