23 October 2017

New OsmaDrain Rodding Point makes access easy

Practical, innovative and cost-effective – the new OsmaDrain Square Top Rodding Point from Wavin is a money-saving, hassle-free alternative to inspection chambers or manholes for below ground drainage systems.

New for 2014, the S/S Square Top Rodding Point forms part of an on-going OsmaDrain expansion which will see Wavin reinforce its position as a leading provider of below ground drainage solutions. Providing access for inspection and maintenance, it will ensure the complete OsmaDrain system performs as intended for years to come.

Ideal for both internal and external use, the Rodding Point is suitable for loading up to 1.5 tonnes when supported by a concrete plinth. Available in 110mm only, the systems 45° socketed outlet ensures ease of alignment while its square top cover makes abutment of paving slabs or blocks a straightforward process.

“Demonstrating our continuous investment in new systems and technologies, Wavin is introducing a number of new products to the OsmaDrain range in 2014 – including the innovative Square Top Rodding Point,” said George Gray, Product Manager at Wavin. “As well as providing a quicker installation than inspection chambers, the new system also ensures easy access for rodding.”

The new Square Top Rodding Point is a perfect addition to the OsmaDrain below ground drainage range from Wavin, as the company continues to expand its product portfolio to meet the growing demands of the construction industry.