20 July 2020

New Hepworth Clay Product Guide for designers, specifiers and installers is available

Hepworth Clay has recently launched a new guide which includes support for installers to get the best out of clay drainage solutions and advice for designers and specifiers on choosing clay drainage solutions that adhere to the latest legislations and standards.

For designers and specifiers

The new guide includes advice and tips on designing drainage layout, along with guidance on site access point positioning for future maintenance considerations. Designers and contractors will also be able to use the guide as a reference point for confirming that their plans are structurally satisfactory and for advice on how to ensure the suggested system has adequate hydraulic capacity for proposed and future flows.

The design section of the also gives a first look at the upcoming BS 9295 standard regarding recycled aggregates for bedding clay pipes, providing tips and advice on how to best take advantage of recycled aggregates to increase sustainability of a project without increasing risk.

The guide contains sample texts to help with easier and more accurate specification of clay drainage as well as technical notes on working with difficult site conditions. This helps to reduce reliance on specifications that have been copied from previous drawings and documentation with simple to use specification clauses.

For installers

The installation section of the new guide is intended to be used for product information and guidance with links to detailed how-to videos and online training resources. The tool also gives a first look at the upcoming BS 9295 standard regarding recycled aggregates for bedding clay pipes. It provides technical notes on working with difficult site conditions with regards to product use and site safety.

Paul Wydell, Hepworth Clay Product Manager for Wavin, said: “The new guide provides much more than just product details and installation information. We’ve designed it to be a helpful reference point with advice, tips, diagrams and guidance that will help contractors and installers to work efficiently and safely with clay drainage solutions, as well as develop their understanding of the standards and regulations that inform their work.”

The tool can be downloaded digitally, or a printed version can be requested enabling installers to work from the guide in the way that suits them best.

Paul added: "It's a tool for both those that are familiar with the subject but need to update their reference material and those who are recently qualified engineers who need to build their knowledge and experience quickly and accurately. Essentially, it's a guide that will protect the reputation of your client, the practice and yourself all rolled in to one".

Request your copy or download the new product guide here https://www.wavin.com/en-gb/about/our-brands/hepworth-clay-and-terracotta/product-guide

Find out more about Hepworth Clay here https://www.wavin.com/en-gb/about/our-brands/hepworth-clay-and-terracotta/