Hep2O Tried and trusted for 40 years

Push-fit plumbing – Hep2O celebrates 40 year anniversary

This year Hep2O is celebrating its 40th Anniversary. Whilst Hep2O has been a tried and trusted brand and a favourite with plumbers over the years, it has also changed quite a bit from its origins as Acorn, the first ever push fit system launched in the UK.

Acorn was launched to make the life of the installer easier by giving a aster more cost effective option for plumbers who until then could only use copper. It caused a revolution in the industry when Hepworth plumbing (as we were know then) held events around the country explaining the benefits to plumber and for many, it changed the way that they do their job. 

Since it’s launch in the 1970s Hep2O has gone from strength to strength. Almost all new homes now install plastic pipe for part or all of their hot and cold system. Hep2O is rigourously tested and the most accredited system available. We were the first to give a 50 year guarantee. Their has been continuous development and innovation. The latest version of Hep2O was completely redesigned with the input of installers.

Hep2O is now manufactured in Doncaster and sold throughout the world. Since its launch oevr 400 million fittings and 500 million metres of pipe have been made!