Wolseley UK chooses SuperSleve for Sustainable Building Centre

When Wolseley UK commissioned the construction of The Sustainable Building Centre project in Leamington Spa, SuperSleve clay drainage from Hepworth was an obvious choice.


As a showcase development, all products used on site had to be specially selected and specified to reduce the environmental impact of this development. Additionally, contractors had to demonstrate that they could build on this principle by using environmentally sensitive practices to install products. Having a low embodied CO2 value, SuperSleve was an ideal system for the job. Manufactured from a local and abundant natural resource, SuperSleve was able to provide a durable and long lasting drainage system for the project.

The certified high strength of SuperSleve enabled the use of reduced bedding construction on the site. Its durability provided the facility with a service life equal to or greater than that of the building,
all contributing to a reduced maintenance requirement.
At the end of its operational life the pipes can either be excavated and reused or incorporated back into the manufacturing process from which they were originally developed. These processes all helped to enhance the whole life value of the project. 


General Manager of Wolseley UK, Tim Pollard said: “The original plan for this site was to develop a showcase building in a sustainable way, using sustainable products and working practices. Environmental awareness was paramount to this project and we were adamant that third party
contractors understood and appreciated the importance of this, while helping to develop techniques that encouraged considerate working practices.”

He added: “The use of Hepworth’s clay drainage products on site provided us with a sustainable material that was both high quality and durable.

The environmental benefits of clay worked hand-in-hand with the main objective of the build. Not only is SuperSleve clay drainage sourced from local quarries, to limit the carbon footprint of its manufacture, but is also recyclable, making it the ideal choice for this development.” 


Brett-Alex Coley, Sol Construction’s Senior Quantity Surveyor said: “Hepworth clay drainage immediately comes to mind when you think about drainage, so we wanted Hepworth involved in this development from the beginning. The nature of this project meant that clay, with its environmentally friendly properties, was ideal. This development has proved that if we put more thought into our practices, we can create impressive developments while reducing the overall impact on the environment.”