Wavin Hep2O Installation

Push-fit Plumbing

The guides below highlight the various features that make Hep2O a market leader.

Features of Hep2O include: In4sure, Hep Keys, 50 year guarantee, compatibility with Tigris K1 and connecting Hep2O to copper pipe.

How to connect Wavin Hep2O to bathroom appliances

This section highlights how to connect a hep2O pipe connection up to a tap to a bathtub, using a hand-tighten tap connector. A secure
connection ensured by In4sure without the use of any tools.


Bathroom tap connector teaser v2


Step 1 - Hand tighten tap connector to tap

Take the hand tighten tap connector and screw it to the bottom of the tap connection of your bathtub.


Bathroom applicances step 1

Step 2 - Inserts & connect to Tee joint. 

Place the inserts into the PB pipe and insert the pipe into the Hep2O tee joint.


Bathroom applicances step 2

Step 3 - Pipe to Hep2O elbow

Connect pipe to the Hep2O elbow, then twist to feel the rumble and it's In4sure.


Bathroom applicances step 3

Step 4 - Connect to tap connector

Make the final connection to the hand tighten tap connector.


Bathroom applicances step 4


How to connect Wavin Hep2O to kitchen appliances

This section covers the installation on hot and cold pipes, which connect isolators that could be used to connect the water to

the kitchen sinkdishwasher and washing machines.


Bathroom kitchen connector teaser

Step 1 - Smart sleeves into pipes

Place smart sleeve inserts into the hot and cold pipes.


Kitchen applicance step 1

Step 2 - Hose to pipe

Take the flexi hose pipe and push this onto the Wavin Hep2O pipe.


Kitchen applicance step 2

Step 3 - Twist to ensure In4sure

Twist to ensure that the pipe is secured and In4sure


Kitchen applicance step 3

Step 4 - Repeat for isolators

Repeat the process for hot and cold isolators.


Kitchen applicance step 4


How to install Wavin Hep2O pipe runs and tee joints

How to install the polybutylene Hep2O pipe between the joists, has never been easier as this pipe is flexible.


Pipe-run teaser

Step 1 - Tape pipe end

Take the Hep pipework and tape up the end to ensure no muck gets into the pipe.


Pipe-run step 1

Step 2 - Feed thru joists

Feed the pipe through the joists.


Pipe-run step 2

Step 3 - Slice pipe

Slice into the pipe with the pipe cutters.


Pipe-run step 3

Step 4 - Smart sleeves to be inserted

Take the inserts and place into the both ends of the cut pipe.


Pipe-run step 4

Step 5 -  Pipe ends into Tee joint

Insert cut ends of pipe into both ends of the tee joint - the rumble ensures that the pipe is In4sure.


Pipe-run step 5

Step 6 - Final end of joint

Repeat the process for the final end of the tee joint.


Pipe-run step 6


Installation Testimonials


The best push-fit system so far. 50 years of warranty say everything.
PAX25 ScrewFix
Great product, easy to use and feel. Every confidence with the quality
Davwa, Screwfix
Super easy to install, did my own central heating in my house. No leaks. Secure fittings. Would recommend
Skr333t Screwfix

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