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How to install Wavin Hep2O fittings?

Welcome to our Hep2O installation how-to page which includes quick tips and tricks to learn to successfully install Hep2O fittings to any solution within any household.

Hep2O ensures that water is successfully pumped around the property enabling the house to have easy access to both hot and cold water. This straightforward step by step page explores how our stress-free Hep2O push-fit system works, how to install Hep2O fittings in common applications and how to connect Hep2O to other systems.

Overview of the Hep2O push fit plumbing system

Wavin Hep2O is a market leader in push-fit plumbing. With many unique and patented features, Wavin Hep2O is the most technologically advanced fitting on the market.

Features of Wavin Hep2O include:


In4sure teaser



Ensuring a secure connection is made when a rumble sensation is felt. Find out more here.


HepKeys teaser



A quick and easy to use demounting tool to remove the joint from the pipe. Find out more here.


50 year teaser


50 year guarantee

A 50 year guarantee against defect in materials or manufacturing.


copper  tigris connection teaser


Compatability with Tigris K1 and Copper

Hep2O is compatible with Tigris K1 & traditional copper pipe.


In4sure Recognition

Exploring Wavin Hep2O’s In4sure efficient feature, with the rumble sensation meaning a secure and reliable connection every time!


Step 1: Mark pipe

Take the pipe and mark with a felt pen - Quick tip - Helps to show that this pipe has fitted full socket (even in a dimly lit area).


In4Sure step 1

Step 2 - Insert smart sleeve

Place the smart sleeve into the pipe - Quick tip - 'Little bumps' on the smart sleeve and the joint create a secure connection.


In4Sure step 2

Step 3 - Tee joint to pipe

A connection can now be made between the tee joint and the pipe when turned a rumble is felt and this means that it is In4sure!


In4Sure step 3


See videos on how to
install Wavin Hep2O at home.

Household Installation

Videos of other plumbing systems Wavin Hep2O is compatible with.



Use our stockist locator to find your nearest Wavin Hep2O stockist.


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For detailed installation information and a full product list you can download our Installer Guide here.


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